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Background - Terror of Landmines

When You travel countries like Cambodia it is hard not to get affected of the terror these people live under. Some reports say that the number of hidden landmines are equal or the population of 14 million citizens or even larger!...

My intention with this project is that it should end up becoming a book, a book that illustrates and informs of the landmine situation in the world… If it ends up being book, then any profit from this will go into trying to reduce this “terror”...
// Magnus;

Want to Join Us?

If You want to be involved we are in great need of:
Someone who can write
Someone who knows something about AD
Someone who knows something about publishing
A publisher...

But we also welcome anyone who wants to be involved!...


# Name Position
1 Magnus Stengarde Project Manager
2 Stéphane De Greef Landmine expert
3 Kris Saw Weapons expert and researcher
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