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Written by Magnus   
Thursday, 05 February 2009 09:22

Is "landmine" one word or two: land mine?

My research tells me 'landmine' and 'land mine' are both acceptable spellings.

Googeling landmine and "land mine" gives a slight advantage for "land mine" (1.9 million hits compared to 1.3 for landmine).

Wiktionary just says: "Alternative spelling of land mine" if you look up landmine and gives the explanation: "A mine that is placed on land and designed to explode when stepped upon or touched. "

Wikipedia gives a bit more history of the word: An explosive device placed in or on the ground, triggered by an operator or the proximity of a vehicle, person or animal. The name originates from the practice of digging tunnels, mining, under enemy fortifications or  forces. The mines / tunnels where either just collapsed to destroy the fortifications above or filled with explosives and detonated...

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