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Written by Magnus   
Thursday, 12 February 2009 14:08
The Siem Reap area are part of heaviest mined areas in Cambodia. If you want to take a walk in the nature away from people you need to make sure that the area has been clear from mines or stay on the well-trodden paths -and the problem is closer the you first might think, still when they break ground for new hotels in the out skirts of Siem Reap, they first have to demine the land...

 I love to walk in nature on my own, and one safe way of doing that in Cambodia is to visit the temples. The temples around Siem Reap have all been demined and (most) tourist just visit some of the really large temples. The entire Angkor area is 3000 square kilometers, not all demined but enough to find a spot where you are alone. One of the easier locations to visit is Angkor Thom, and here you can walk on the outer walls with very little risk of running in to anyone else if you are not right at South Gate. Also the area inside the wall can be considered safe ((stay away from the base of recently fallen large trees...)) and very little of this is actually temples, and if you are not at Bayon, Elephants Terrace or Baphuon you will find that there are very few other people around...

Angkor Wat is an amazing place and it's visited by over a million tourists a year, but even here you can quite easily find secluded spots, one of them is the Angkor Wat North Gate. At North Gate I found a Shikra [Accipiter badius] (bird of pray) sitting in a tree, I photographed it for half an hour with no other people around and this is less then 200m away from the temple of Angkor Wat.

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