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Written by Magnus   
Friday, 13 February 2009 10:11
About 20 000 people are killed or maimed every year, that is more than 50 per day and over two persons every hour. Eighty-three countries have reported landmine casualties the last five years and 86% of those have been civilians, many children.

One or two mines, or just the the mere suspicion of the presence of mines make the land unusable. This has a a large impact on people living in this areas, trying to live from farming, hunting, forestry or children collecting firewood.

When a mine is triggered the victim sometimes dies from the blast, but most mines are designed to maim rather than to kill. From a war perspective it's much more effective to seriously injure your enemy (takes more resources to take care of wounded people than dead ones). Some victims dies from indirect effects like loss of blood, because in many areas it's difficult to get victims to medical care in time.

Some of the common landmine injuries are
  • Blindness
  • Destroyed limbs
  • Burns
Many of the victims require life-long treatment and have difficulties to support themselves, this in countries with a very basic or non-existing social security network other than the family.

Source: The Times, Tuesday November 30 2004, and Cambodia Landmine Museum
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