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Cambodia is a very friendly country to travel and has a very rich history. It's difficult to compare the different "wonders" of the world, but the Angkor temple area is to as impressive as the pyramids in Egypt.

The 2000'th century was a very dark period in Cambodian history. The Khmer Rouge lead by Pol Pot, ruled Cambodia by fear and killed up to 25% of the own population mainly academics, but no one was safe. People where moved from the cities out to the rise fields, to work for the collective. To protect the country from their neighbors, mainly the Vietnamese but also Thai large areas where mined. This was the entire borders area, but also almost all areas with some military value (heights, river crossings, roads). But it's not only the Cambodian them selves that have filed the ground with explosives, the Vietnamese continued this work when they invaded the country during 1989-1991. -and during the American - Vietnam War, American B-52's dropped large amount of bombs on alleged Viet Cong bases. But not only that, American planes returning from missions over Vietnam dropped their remaining load over Cambodia, just because they did not want to take the risk of landing at their bases in Thailand with armed bombs...

This has left an estimate of 5-14 million mines and UXO's in the Cambodia ground, this in a country just larger then Connecticut, the third smallest state in the USA. Cambodia has a population of about 14 million people, the this gives almost as many mines in the ground as there are citizens.Cambodia also has the second highest percentage of amputees in the world, with 25 amputees per 10 000 citizens ((only Angola has more with 30 / 10 000))

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