My first contact with landmines

My first real contact with landmines where in Cambodia. I had been visiting Kbal Spean,  a temple mountain somewhat off the beaten track for the regular Angkor temple visitor. That evening I read in my visitors guidebook: “LAND MINE ALERT! At no point during a visit to Kbal Spean or Phnom Kulen should you leave well-trodden paths, as there are land mines in the area.". I've had this in the back of my head before at my hunt for insects and animals to photograph, but this time it just became very real!

When You travel countries like Cambodia it is hard not to get affected of the terror these people live under. Some reports say that the number of hidden landmines in Cambodia are equal or the population of 14 million citizens or possibly even larger!...

My intention with this project is that it should end up becoming a book, a book that illustrates and informs of the landmine situation in the world… If it ends up being book, then any profit from this will go into trying to reduce this “terror”... 


 Landmine warning sign in Cambodia

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